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Nutrition Coaching

Vegan Bowl

Why a Nutrition Coach?

Hippocrates once said: " Let food be thy medicine." We at Healing Arts Physical Therapy truly believe in the power that nutrition plays in the recovery and healing from injury, sickness and disease. The old saying that you are what you eat really applies in our lives today. Unfortunately, the "standard American diet" is so nutritionally poor and the cells in our bodies are often starving for nutrients in order to be vital and strong. You cannot build a house without wood and nails and you can't make your body strong without living nutrients from a healthy meal. Take the time to ear more whole/raw foods and you will reap the reward. 

How it Works

Sessions are $50/session and last 60 minutes in duration.


During the initial assessment Daniela covers your health history and lifestyle along with your eating habits. She then aligns a nutrition program that best meets your goals. 

Additional visits will help to keep you motivated and address additional questions you might have. Along with modification to your current nutrition plan. 

Daniela can also go to the grocery store with you and teach you how to shop healthy. She can also provide cooking instruction/lessons as needed. 

Session can be in person at Healing Arts Physical Therapy or via video


Daniela Robinson, PT-NASM, NC-NASM, Educator

  • Balanced and healthy eating habits

  • Lose/gain weight in a healthy manner

  • Physical, Mental, Emotional Harmony

Daniela Robinson is originally from Bulgaria, Europe, where she used to be a teacher for 18 years. She has one son. Daniela came to the USA 12 years ago and lived and worked in the bay area. She used her bachelor’s Teacher's Diploma with more than 20 years of experience and knowledge to transfer into her Nutrition career, which is alight with her personality and healthy lifestyle.


Daniela has been certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Certified Personal Trainer.

She wants to help her clients make the right food choices, eat appropriately, and prepare and enjoy their healthy meals.

She loves challenging herself, finding ways to understand, help, and consistently follow the client's wishes and aims. She works with great inspiration, enthusiasm, and patience. She wants to help her clients shed their stress to build and establish a healthy eating program and long, vitality life habits. Like a Nutritionist, she inspires, teaches, and educates her clients to improve, positively change and build their eating habits, which is an essential part of her life.

When Daniela is not at work, she enjoys outdoor activities with her husband. 

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