New Patient Info

Forms Can Be Filled Out at Home by Downloading Them Or Can Be Filled Out At Our Office. 


We Accept Health Insurance And Cash Payments For Services


Arrive 20 Minutes Early To Your Appointment If You Plan On Doing The Forms At Our Office. Bring Your Insurance Card.

Your First Appointment Can Last 60-90 Min. Follow Up Sessions Can Last 45-60 Min

Treatment Duration Can Be 6-12 Visits.

Wear Loose Fitting Clothing Such As Exercise Clothes, Sweat Pants, T-shirt. Clothes That Let Us Evaluate The Body Part That Hurts. For Instance Wear A Tank Top For A Shoulder Problem Or Shorts For A Knee Problem.

Every Appointment Is Spent With The Same Physical Therapist.

Parking Is Very Accessible And Close To Our Office.

Information About Your Insurance Coverage:
Insurance Coverage Worksheet

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