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Annual Physical Therapy Exams Saves Time and Money!

An amazing service that we offer at Healing Arts Physical Therapy is called the Annual Physical Therapy Exam. It consists of many components that assess the physical self in oder to stay pain free and injury free as we age. First we will look at posture from an objective standpoint and provide measurements of forward head posturing, curvature in the spine, position of the knees, tilts of the pelvis and position of the feet. We then will assess flexibility of the spine, the shoulders, the hips, the knees and ankles. From there we will do a functional movement screen (FMS) to ensure that you are able to move with adequate flexibility and stability/strength to prevent injuries. The FMS is a scored screen that quantifies your risks of injury. It looks at movements to assess balance, flexibility and stability of the body during 7 key movements. We will look at waist circumference, height, weight, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, pulse and respiratory rate. We will assess your walking form to make sure your are walking with good alignment, speed and efficiency. Further specific balance tests can be incorporated as needed to assess risk of falling. Doing this annual exam with us will significantly lower your risk of injury, health problems and pain. This will save time by not having to go to the MD as regularly, not requiring testing and imaging, and saving money in not having to pay for these services. By doing this exam annually we can track your physical capabilities and health as you age to ensure that you are aging well and meeting your goals. So schedule your annual Physical Therapy exam with us today and live a healthy, active life you so desire.

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