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A Physical Therapist's Mission

As Physical Therapists we get to interact on a regular basis with our patient's; sometimes 2-3 times per week trying our best to resolve a person's pain and provide healing. Using hands on skills to manipulate joints and muscles in ways to produce normal/pain free motion again. Using our knowledge about proper movement to guide and direct our patient's through helpful exercises. To instruct our patient's how to move correctly during day to day tasks. We seek to provide a patient with natural treatment and care. Granted it may take work and dedication on the patient's side. For our bodies to work correctly and to maintain optimal health we have to apply ourselves to exercise, healthy eating, stress reduction, getting adequate sleep and avoiding harmful environment toxins.

As Physical Therapist's we try to find the root cause of a person's pain, not only looking at the spot that hurts, but looking at parts above and below that spot. Looking for subtle parts of the body that may not be working or moving correctly, which may indirectly lead to the pain a patient is experiencing. We look at the overall health of a person and make sure that they are eating correctly to promote healing and reduce inflammation in the body. A person that does not eat well and does not exercise heals much more slowly and sometimes does not heal at all.

We make it our mission on a daily basis to prevent our patient's from having to undergo invasive surgery, receiving harmful injections such as cortisone, and preventing having to take medications which can affect the gut, liver and kidneys. Healing Arts Physical Therapy strives to educate people about the benefits of receiving Physical Therapy first when having muscle and skeletal pain. We want our patients to be educated about what Physical Therapy does before attending an appointment and for our patient's to be fully confident in our skills to fix them.

Be wary when your physician prescribes pain medication and injections to manage your pain. Please ask to be referred to a Physical Therapist first. Many health insurances allow people to attend Physical Therapy without seeing a physician; just call your insurance provider to check.

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