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Improve Ankle Motion and Squat Like a Pro

Recently we at Healing Arts Physical Therapy have been concentrating more on how the ankle moves during the squatting motion. In order to squat down the right way the ankle needs to flex and hinge properly. If it does not, then compensation motions are going to occur which may lead to pain and trouble squatting. For instance, the foot may turn out and the arch may collapse leading to foot problems and abnormal pressure on the ankle. When the foot turns out and arch collapses the knees commonly cave inward leading to pain to the front of the knee called patellofemoral pain. When the knees crash in the hips also cave in which can lead to pinching in the front of the hip, and it continues on it's way up the body like this. We have seen a tremendous amount of improvement in a persons squat form after improving flexibility to the ankle. We have tests we use to compare ankle flexibility to what's considered normal. If the ankle is considered tight and we see impairments in squat form then we immediately start treating ankle mobility. We have had people return to us pain free with squatting after just a few sessions. We use hands on interventions and exercises to get that ankle moving right. Get ready to squat like a pro and live a pain free life.

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