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Seek Out a Physical Therapist First When Injured

Injured? Seek the Help of a Physical Therapist First!

Unfortunately, injuries can happen to anyone, anywhere, and at any time. Injuries don’t just happen in sports, they can occur because of unfortunate work accidents, not stretching before doing any recreational activity, or just walking down the street. Some people only think the only way to heal injuries is with medications, injections and invasive surgeries. Fortunately for many types of injuries from the neck down, surgery and medications might not be your only options. Depending on the injury, Physical Therapy might be the best option for not just recovering from injury but helping prevent further injury.

Physical Therapist are highly trained and educated on the human body; not only having knowledge about muscles and joints, but on other conditions as well. So if you have symptoms and a disorder that we are unable to treat, we will be able to point you toward the right provider that can treat you properly. Physical Therapists know how the body is supposed to move and are able to detect when it is not moving right and decipher which joint, muscle or nerve might be affected and causing the issue in movement and pain. We have specific hands on and hands off techniques to address tight muscles and joints, inflammation and weakness. By specifically addressing the source of the problem, pain relief occurs quickly. We are knowledgeable about looking at joints and muscle elsewhere in the body besides your problem area, because we know that movement impairments at other spots can affect the site of pain as well.

Here are the reasons why Healing Arts Physical Therapy should be your go-to Physical Therapist for services including headaches, back pain, neck pain, jaw pain, sciatica, degenerative disc disease, arthritis, muscle strains, and ligament sprains. Direct Access Physical Therapy

For individuals who are in need and could benefit from Physical Therapy, it can be a bit daunting needing to go through a general physician to seek a referral for a Physical Therapist. Physical Therapy at Healing Arts Physical Therapy can be direct access if paying cash and with certain insurance plans; you can call us to see if your insurance allows for this direct access. You don’t have to suffer the financial stress and the anxiety of needing to visit a doctor just to get a referral for an issue you know can be taken care of directly through a Physical Therapist. The team of highly qualified Physical Therapists at Healing Arts Physical Therapy can help people recover from injuries and reduce the risk of future injuries through custom rehabilitation programs. The professional Physical Therapists can help pinpoint the specific spots of your pain to help promote movement, restore function in the area, and reduce the overall pain associated with the injury.

Warm and Welcoming Facility

Having a warm and welcoming environment can significantly help alleviate the anxiety of seeking any type of treatment. Healing Arts Physical Therapy offers private treatment rooms to assist patients privately and professionally and allowing the Physical Therapists to solely focus on you! The professional and welcoming staff will see that you receive a smooth and stress-free experience.

Healing Arts Physical Therapy and Wellness can provide a road to recovery without the need for invasive surgery if the injury doesn’t call for it. The professional Physical Therapists will make sure you walk out with enough education and confidence to prevent further injuries and exacerbation of your disorder. The facility also offers additional wellness services to complement Physical Therapy such as Massage Therapy, Personal Training, weight loss programs and Functional Medicine to help you reach your optimal health and regain your quality of life. Healing Arts Physical Therapy is located at 1103 Butte House Rd. Yuba City, Ca 95991 and can be reached online at or by phone at 530-329-8490.

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