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Squat Right to Avoid Injury

You must learn how to squat the right way in order to go out and lift things in the yard or in the house, to be able to play with your kids or grandkids, etc.. without injuring yourself.

Now, I am not talking about learning to squat with a heavy barbell on your back, like what we commonly think about when told about the squat exercise.

No..... I am talking about just learning the air squat, no weight whatsoever. Just practicing form and mechanics with this one. Once you learn this and can demonstrate consistently, that is when you add the weight such as a barbell, dumbell, and bands.

Sometimes teaching my clients and patients to do the air squat can be a bit of a challenge, especially when they have been doing it improperly for years and they are having back pain. I have to use some specific strategies and corrective exercises to get the fundamental elements of how to squat right.

The squat exercise is a great way to build core stability and gluteal muscle strength. The gluteals have many fascia connections to our lower backs, hips, pelvis, thigh and down to the knee. When this muscle is strong it provides a lot of support to these areas in the body. Weakness in the gluteals can cause back pain, knee pain, etc..

So if there is one muscle to strengthen it is the gluteus maximus muscle. Why?.... Well this muscle has so many attachment sites and facia connections to our lower back, pelvis and hips. When this muscle is strong and working right then there is less chance of injuring these body parts and these parts will stay stable and strong.

Check out my YouTube video on how my favorite moves to start squatting the right way:

One of the exercises involves using a Serious Steel Sports cord which can be purchased through my affiliate link here:

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We offer Personal Training services at Healing Arts Wellness. You can work with me or my associates here one on one for 1 hour. We are here to help you reach your fitness goals without the worry of injuring yourself.

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