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Balance Therapy Using Solo-Step

I have been hearing about so many elderly people falling these days. Falls which result in broken shoulders and hips, of which can be disastrous and deadly to people in their older years.

The reason for this rise in falls is due to people staying at home more due to COVID-19 and not getting the necessary exercise and fitness one needs in a day. People are staying home more, staying in bed longer or sitting on the couch longer to read a book or watch TV.

Our muscle and nervous system need to be exercised and challenged on a daily basis. Unfortunately, some people can get to such a poor conditioned state where it can be dangerous for them to walk and exercise, as one might sustain a fall in attempting to do so. So, they need a service like balance therapy to challenge these systems under a more controlled/safe environment.

We have some very helpful equipment here that can significantly improve a person's strength and balance to prevent falling and injuring one's self.

One device that I am especially partial to is the Solo-Step; pictured in this post. Ones walking, balance and strength can be challenged and improved using this device and one will have the assurance and confidence that they will not fall during the therapy. When they are attached to the harness and lanyard along the ceiling rail system, they can be sure they won't fall and will be able to push themselves further than normal. This fortunately excites the nervous system and allows it to adapt and learn and improve the muscles coordination, performance and strength.

One needs to be able to be able to walk and move their head, change directions, and walk backwards in order to be safe. All these components can be challenged and refined with our balance therapy program.

If you know of someone whether it be a family member or friend that is struggling with walking and balance and may sustain a fall, then tell them about this service we offer.


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