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Attack the Source of Pain

We got some cool new tools to help with pain relief at Healing Arts Physical Therapy!

They look a bit intimidating at first, almost like something used for fighting and defense!

They are called Rock Blades and they work very well to address knots, ropes, and kinks in the muscles and fascia.

An effective rehab program is one that addresses pain and movement first before introducing much exercise. Once pain is addressed then exercise and strength come along much quicker and easier.

If movement does not occur due to localized tension in muscle and fascial tissue then exercise and stretching can be a challenge. Releasing the problem restores blood flow and normalizes motion to the area.

I have had patient who required only one or two session with this tool in order to get them to move like they wanted to! It's a great tool to get fast results and for me as a Therapist it makes a lot of sense!

Fascia is a substance in our bodies that hold muscles, nerves, and arteries together and in their appropriate spots. However, if the fascia gets tight it can cause compression and prevent blood flow; thus causing pain.

This patient in the picture had an entrapment to a nerve in his leg that was causing his foot to tingle. Working the right spot with these blades where the compression/entrapment is occuring helped him a good deal.


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